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Penatuhkah comanche trail partnership

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penatuhkah: 150 Years of COmanche empire in Texas.

Funded by a grant from Humanities Texas, this exhibit documents the band of Comanches that dominated Texas for almost two hundred years. The exhibit will be traveling for viewing museums, visitors centers, and to member cities and towns (see MEMBERS for full list) on a monthly rotating basis. Contact the Santa Anna Visitors Center at (512) 711-8635.

– At the zenith of the “horse culture”, Comanches may have possessed as many as 10,000 horses.

Recent Events

Saturday, April 30, 2022: Please join us for the grand opening and sendoff of “Penatuhkah: 150 Years of Comanche Empire in Texas.”

5:00pm – 7:00pm / Santa Anna Visitors Center

Refreshments served. Wine by Watson Vineyards of Coleman, Texas.

“The Penatuhkah” is open and free to the public from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, through April 30.

“This exhibit is creative, thoughtful and educational, helping Texans understand those Comanches who controlled Texas for almost 200 years,” said center docent Sharon Wise-Taylor. “Each panel starts a new conversation and helps us understand the Penatuhkah band of Comanches. This exhibit is amazing!”

Co-creators Linda Pelon and Montie Guthrie — she as faculty at McClennan College and he as Chair of the HDO — and Steve Lara, exhibit designer and artist, have built exhibit components that speak to the history of the central and west central Texas homeland of the Penatuhkah, as well as the history of Texas as a whole.

A reception /send-off will be held on Saturday, April 30 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm when the exhibit will be packed and sent to its next venue in San Saba, Texas, another destination on the Penatuhkah Comanche Trails in Texas.  Refreshments will be provided.

The exhibit will be available to museums, visitor centers, and other venues on a monthly rotating basis.  Contact the Santa Anna visitor center at (512) 771-8635.

April 12, 2022: penatuhkah Comanche Trail Partnership  meeting

Goldthwaite, Texas Botanical Gardens and Zoom. 

11:00am – 1:00pm CDT